There are up to 5 steps in our Top Notch, State of the Art Live Video Receptionist system.

Greet, Register, Notify, Information, Action

Step 1. We Live Video GREET your visitors as they enter your building.  Our receptionist is standing by watching and waiting.

Step 2. We REGISTER your visitors and Print Visitor Badges If Required.

Step 3. We NOTIFY the employee who was requested at your company. We NOTIFY the Guest that the employee has been notified and to have a seat.

Step 4. We provide INFORMATION to your visitors in the form of a document, webpage, webform, video or more.

Step 5. We take ACTION to direct your guests to a conference room, office, or schedule an appointment.


We can do more for your reception/lobby at 80% less (Yes I said 80% less) than you’re paying now, complete the form to sign up or request more information at no cost or obligation.

You can contact the sales department at 586-649-2350 or complete the form below:

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