Live Viewing, Motion Detection and Facial Recognition

We use Live Viewing, Facial Recognition (beta) and Motion Detection technology to recognize when guests arrive in your lobby.  With motion detection technology, We know when a visitor has walked into its detection range and reception greets them.  With Facial Recognition we know who that visitor is if they have visited your location before.
The employee is contacted to alert them that a visitor has arrived in the lobby for them. The employee can then connect to a 2 way stream and be connected to their visitor, or they can instruct the receptionist to take action.

Your visitors are greeted by an Everywhere Team employee on the MEET Video screen when they approach the receptionist kiosk.

The employee is contacted efficiently and presented with a live video stream of the lobby and visitor and can simply click lobby link to be connected with the visitor in a 2-way video call or we can direct the visitor to a conference room, office, or instruct them to wait in the lobby.

Visitors can complete a Visitor Registration process before speaking with an employee.


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