Backup Of Server, PC, active directory, linux servers, VOIP, network settings, config and more.

Emergency restoration of the backed up data.  Our goal is to get you back up as quickly as possible to reduce downtime of your business.

Backup and Recovery + Data Security

Can you afford to take a chance on losing your data?

Any seasoned computer technician will tell you, there are two types of hard drives – those that have failed and those that will fail. The only question is when. Our Advanced Managed Backup and Recovery service provides complete peace of mind in knowing that your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to restore at a moment’s notice, even after a major disaster.

Your company’s data is one of its most valuable assets.

Many businesses don’t have a reliable and redundant data backup solution. Many businesses don’t even have a data recovery or security plan in place.  Think about it, your company’s data is the culmination of your entire staff’s work over the years.  The cost of restoring data on a malfunctioning hard drive is astronomical and never guaranteed.  We’ve all heard the horror stories; but ask yourself, how secure are your backups?  What if ransomware virus infected your company?

Regardless of your type of business, your data is vital. You have invaluable, irreplaceable information to which you need access at any given moment; information that is constantly being changed and updated.

Sleep well at night knowing your data is ALWAYS safe.

Business owners are well aware of the fundamental need for data backup. If you’ve suffered from data loss, then you already know its value. Whether you use disk drives to backup your data, or another type of storage, you know that the costs of the backup are well worth it. However, data loss still amounts to massive downtime as you wait for the backup to be restored. Wouldn’t you rather it only took minutes away from your productivity, instead of hours or days?

Our system not only backs up your data as often as every fifteen minutes, but in the event of a server malfunction, it can assume the role of that server, while still performing incremental backups. This means your network is still up while your server is being fixed and parts are being ordered. Don’t think of it as merely a data backup solution, but as a complete fail-safe for your servers. We call it Advanced Managed Backup and Recovery. When your server is repaired or replaced, regardless of the new hardware, Our system can perform a bare metal install to make your infrastructure in-house redundant once more.