How It Works

Prospective Client Calls

A caller dials your published number. The call rings through to EverywhereTeam.Com Phone Receptionist.

Warmly Greeted by EverywhereTeam

When the phone rings, our proprietary software displays your company’s unique information. A receptionist answers the call using your company name.

Receptionist Takes Action

Based on your instructions, the receptionist will either forward the call to your multiple phone numbers (giving you the best chance of answering), take a message, or offer the caller voicemail.

Your Phone Receptionist Service Includes:

100% Live Answering

Your English and foreign-speaking callers always reach a friendly, professional customer experience expert. Your callers will feel special, and you’ll look good.

Call-Handling Tailored to Your Business

Ruby’s proprietary software enables a high degree of customization. You can select when we answer, who we transfer, which calls go to voicemail, and more.

Real-Time Updates & Notifications

All your messages and voicemails are available through your current phone system, through our phone system, or integrated with both.  Messages can be delivered via, text and/or email.

Save Money With a Phone Number

Everywhere Team can host your existing number or provide a telephone number in the area code of your choice, free of charge. No need for a landline or expensive PBX system—bypass the phone company altogether! And with our mobile app, you can choose to call out from your business line or personal cell number. All you need to run your business is Everywhere Team and a cellphone.

No Time to Return That Call?  No Problem

Think of Everywhere Team as your productivity champion—here to take administrative tasks off your plate so you can focus on building your business. In addition to our video receptionist, and phone call answering service, our team of remote receptionists are happy to make outbound calls on your behalf to relay information or confirm appointments. We can even schedule meetings on your behalf via integration with Google Calendar. 

A Live, Friendly Voice for Evening and Weekend Callers

Open evenings and weekends? Our extended-hours service ensures your callers are greeted by a professional, friendly receptionist excited to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This optional service extends our Video Receptionist and live phone answering 24/7/365 including Saturday and Sunday service.

Extensive offerings for any need

Message Taking

Lead Collection

Order Processing

Appointment Scheduling

After-hours Support

Event Registrations

Call Transfers

Help Desk

Emergency Response

Overflow Support