What is the difference between Managed IT and On Call (On Demand) IT Support?

Let me first say that, TechnicalSupportPro.Com provides both managed, On Call, and Emergency support.  If you are just finding us, you can choose to hire us hourly, on a managed contract basis or non managed contract basis.  To determine which one is best for your company a analysis must be conducted and recommendations can be provided.

On call support is what you may be doing right now.   When there is a problem anywhere in your IT infrastructure you typically pay a hourly rate for a technical support professional to come to your site and work out the problems.

Emergency Support.  This is the most urgent type of support.  It can sometimes be the most expensive because a support company may need to deploy their existing tech support representatives from other jobs.  Emergency service calls occur when you need emergency support immediately and you cannot wait typical service call times.  This can occur during normal business hours or outside of normal business hours.  Lets hope this never happens to you.

Managed IT is a proactive approach to the inevitable needs of technical support in your organization.  Since its typically the most efficient way for a business owner to approach IT, I will elaborate on it.

Its like a membership for you, your company, its employees, computers or servers, and system. We charge a monthly fee based on your system requirements.

One of our system design engineers determines the needs of your business, we then implement the design and monitor the systems.  If there is a problem, we log into the system and solve the problem.  We typically know of the problem before you do.

Managed IT Service Plans:

Proactive Care:

Dedication to the prevention of data loss and other business technology disasters before they happen

User Device based Computer Support:

Provides your IT team with detailed inventory reports and configurations related to all the preventive maintenance activities conducted through our Network Operations Center (NOC).

Live Help Desk Support:

Fast and reliable IT solutions provided 24x7x365 for your business users