Is the person on the Lobby screen a live person?

Yes. This is a real person who is on the other side of the camera assigned to your company.  You are also able to jump into the conversation on the screen if you choose.

Who do visitors speak with?

They speak with a expertly trained and certified positive attitude receptionist hired and maintained by Everywhere Team.  We manage your visitor interactions and much more.

My employees don’t want to show video of themselves, do they have to?

No, for customers who prefer to only have visitors speak with employees and not see employees using the two way video feature, we offer audio only and one way video communications.  In addition, no video or audio is required, our certified positive attitude receptionist can handle the whole interaction, using our knowledge base system filled with your companies information.

Will the system work with my existing phone system?


I have my own hardware, can I use that?

Yes, some minimum hardware requirements need to be met, but you are welcome to provide your own hardware and simply purchase Video and/or Phone Receptionist Service.  Keep in mind that we have a policy in our company to make 0 profit on all hardware we sell.

Can I customize the pre-recorded video messages?

Yes, you can record your own, or use our Video Production partner to have professionally recorded video created for your custom messages and/or videos.

Can I customize the screen with my own company’s logo?


Who manages my company directories?

We have online forms to add/remove employees.  So you can assign an employee to complete those forms when employees are added/removed, or you can simply call or walk up to your receptionist desk and have your Video Receptionist do it.  Optionally, your employee can connect to our contact receptionist management system to maintain the directory.

Can one person manage directories located in other buildings?

Yes, even if you have multiple locations, all of our receptionists are connected via one proprietary system.  So the Everywhere Team Receptionist at your satellite location can handle the task for all of your locations.

What’s the difference between an answering service and a your receptionist service?

Answering services are often easily recognizable as a “service.” They perform only the simplest tasks, such as forwarding messages, and can be impersonal. Video receptionists, on the other hand, are basically right in your office, watching your lobby, scheduling appointments, directing visitors, transferring calls live and relaying vital information to callers.


Who is answering my phone?

The receptionists at Everywhere Team are expertly trained and certified to have a positive attitude.  We hire spectacular people who focus in making your customers happy.

Do you answer all my calls live?

Yes! Optionally, a lower cost option, we provide a number of automated options.

Can I keep my phone number?

Absolutely! You may simply forward your existing phone number to us all the time, part of the time, or on a delayed basis.

What if I don’t have a phone number—will you provide me with one?

Yes! We assign each customer a number that you are free to publish and take with you at the end of service. You can select a number in the area code of your choice.

How do you transfer a caller to me?

Below is a typical example of call-handling for our phone receptionists:

  • The call is answered live by a receptionist with your greeting.
  • After asking the caller’s name, the receptionist briefly places the caller on hold.
  • The receptionist contacts the customer and asks whether he or she wishes to accept the call.
  • If accepted, the call is transferred immediately.
  • If declined, the receptionist either connects the call to voicemail or takes a written message and promptly emails it to the customer.

*Please note: We typically adapt our call-handling to your unique business.

Can you transfer calls to my cell phone or to my home?


What happens when I’m unavailable to take calls?

When you’re unavailable, our receptionists can take a message, transfer to voicemail, or offer the caller the choice between the two.

How do I receive my messages?

You may choose to have your messages emailed or texted to you, or both. If you’ve opted to use a voicemail box, voicemail messages will be emailed to you in an attached .wav file. Alternatively, if you already have voicemail at your office or on your mobile phone, we can transfer there.

Can I adjust my billing plan at any time?

Yes, anytime.

How do I forward my lines?

For most businesses, it’s as simple as dialing a code from your office phone! You can make a request through the NAVIGATOR or your receptionist will gladly walk you through the process.

FAQ’s – General

Could I be charged overages?

We don’t charge by the minute, we charge by the employee.  This is the reason we don’t have overages or limit use of our subscriptions. We have a fair use policy.  Its designed so that we’re not expected to replace 10 receptionists with 1 person.

Can you make outgoing calls on my behalf?

We certainly can! Our receptionists are happy to place calls to relay information or confirm appointments on your behalf.

I have more than one business. Can they share an account?


Where do you provide service?

Anywhere in the World. 24/7/365

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No! You can sign up for Month by Month or you can sign annual agreements to get the maximum benefit.

Can I test drive the service before I sign up?

Absolutely!  You can try the service and if you love it and sign a annual agreement after a 30 day trial, you can get the configuration charge applied to your bill.  So lets get you started, risk free.

How can I get started?

Simply complete the online form to get started or call us. An on boarding specialist from our team will contact you to get up and running quickly!

Where are you located?

Our corporate HQ is located in Clinton Township, Michigan and our employees are located in multiple locations and countries.