Why Choose Us

We provide people for Live Physical Video Receptionist, Security and Technical Support, at a lower price than you are paying now. No need to hire, and train receptionists. No need to hunt for technical support to service your network. We Go Everywhere, Were the Everywhere team.

Live Support

Live video receptionist, live phone receptionist, administrative assistance, expertly trained, and service is delivered virtually.

Security Live

Get a Live Security Professional, Trained and available 24/7 as a digital Service. We can cover your locations by live camera watch.

Technical Support

Our trained and certified technical support representatives are able to handle any problem and available 24/7.

We Provide People

We Provide People

Our people can go everywhere, using our state of the art technology.

Michael Ayoub, Founder and President of Everywhere Team.  "Our company focuses on saving your company money.  You can outsource your Receptionist Station to us and we make it virtual, we save you time and money."   "We provide full time LIVE receptionists for as low as $7280 per year.  Most companies pay $32,000 for a receptionist, so we save each company we work for about $24,000 per year."

  • Live Receptionist
  • Live Security Professionals
  • Live Phone Answering
  • And So Much More

Looking for a new employee? Let's work together!

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